Shooting At Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach House

Did Bird Man really send in the goons? At this very moment police are getting ready to storm Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach mansion on the upscale La Gorse Island. About an hour ago their was a mysterious call made by someone claiming to have heard shots fired and four people were seriously injured. However, it is unclear as to what actually happened because no eye-witness has come forward and members of his entourage were just arriving to the scene. Whether this was a “swatting” hoax or a serious hit made by the New Orleans big shot, only time will tell. But no fear with regards to Lil Wayne’s safety – it has been confirmed by the superstar’s manger that he was not home at the time of the alleged shooting.
Further details reveal that artist Lil Wayne’s home – real name Dwayne Carter – is valued at 9.4 million dollars.  It stands at eight bedrooms and 10 bathrooms with a non-emergency line. Claim accounts for shots fired with four people seriously injured. Stay tuned to for updates to this story.
By Snkrbst Team
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