‘Tis the season… to get your skin tatted? That’s the concept behind the artistic project “Skin Data” currently in promotion at The New Museum. This innovative/interactive exhibition explores the art of Amanda Wachob, a fine arts graduate and tattoo artist who has accentuated her craft and merged it with her love of watercolor painting. Wachob’s speciality is tatting a variety of colors onto the skin and making it appear as if it were dripping from one’s limb. But what makes this exhibition truly extraordinary is its use of technology to convey artistic expression. Ms. Wachob teamed up with neuroscientist Maxwell Bertolero to collect and analyze data based on voltage of her tattoo equipment. Patterns and colors were selected based on mapping and plotting on a 1:1 ratio – unveiling the significant role technology plays into the world we currently live – including the arts.

Patterns for this live exhibition were pre-selected according to the technology aforementioned above. 23 original designs to choose from; patrons can select their chosen pattern by reserving their spot at a hefty $500 dollars for this exclusive experience (reservations can be made by emailing: store@newmuseum.com). Those who’ve reserved their exclusive session will receive a replica of the same tattoo on a 8” x 10” canvas. 12 lucky participants will be selected on a first-come, first served basis – so if you’d like to participate, book your appointment as of now. Exhibition is set to run from December 20th to January 17th. Above you can check out the pre-selected patterns, and below let us know here at Snkrbst.com if you plan on being one of the lucky 12.

By Josephine “Joeyy” Mathieu

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