Sneaker Mats x Collab

If you’re a true SNKRBST, I’m sure you could appreciate a piece of cloth to wipe your paws off on when entering your crib or office. Can we say…. stunt factor? The story is that two cool NYC based start ups came together to make a dope product. The product being a series of rugs that are inspired from all of our favorite Jordans and Nikes. The two start ups are Sneaker Mats and Urplace specializes in making custom rugs and runners for your interior or exterior decorating needs. Get this, #Sneakermats is based out of BROOKLYN! At a price point of $48 bucks, you really can’t complain. When I first laid my eyes on these beauties, I knew it wasn’t going to take a lot of convincing to get a couple for our stockroom itself. Expect to see them on soon! In the meantime, check out

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