In the day and age of internet lyricist and You Tube mega stars Snkrbst set the stage for the people in attendance to witness what a hip hop performance used to be and still could be. Brooklyn born rapper Big Daddy Kane took the Snkrbst stage and took total command with stage presence, flair, showmanship and most of all bars. Most can rap and some have lyrics but to be able to a have a crowd mixed with people that weren’t alive when you were at you peak is simply incredible.


BDK took us down memory lane with classics like Raw, Set It Off, Smooth Operator and was even joined on stage by a youngster no older than 7 to help him perform “Aint No Half Steppin”. This was rap this was hip-hop this was real. As I looked in the crowd and I saw the looks on the older heads in the building light up as if they were at their first “Fresh Fest “ at the Nassau Coliseum was proof to me that there is a place for these “Old School” rappers to fit in the new age era. I feel if some pay homage and actually take notes for BDK they will understand how to still be relevant and move a crowd when they are north of 40 years old. As Kane left the stage a good friend of mine Rich Bravo told me “This was better than a vacation” and that statement was validation to my earlier claims.

If we want to preserve hip-hop we must respect and create stages for the pioneers that paved the way to still have a voice in the future.

Long Live the Kane.

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