Soaring Prices For Kids’ Sneakers

If you want to purchase a pair of LeBron XII for kids, it currently retails at a hefty $160 dollars. This outrageous price tag is not sitting well with most parents, and has made them think twice about purchasing basketball sneakers for their children. NBA player Kevin Durant has said in the past that he’s always wanted to provided reasonably priced footwear affordable to the common household. We guess that was the initial plan when Durant’s line debuted at a reasonable $88 dollars per pair. Unfortunately, that price point has changed (perhaps due to the current economic climate and/or popularity) and has now jumped to $150 dollars per pair. For children sizes, the price currently stands at a hefty $115 dollar price point range – and now this is where it becomes very perplexing to us consumers. Both sneakers for men and children share almost the same relative price point, but differentiates in quality. So why the higher price tag for both men and children? It doesn’t add up, does it? We here at Snkrbst want to hear from you. If this price point issue is of major concern and just as perplexing to you as it is to us, sound off and let us know here at your comments and concerns.

By Brain Walton

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