Solange Knowles Presents The Puma X Girls of Blaze Disc Collection.

Solange Knowles joined with Puma and presents the Puma X Girls of Blaze Disc Collection.

“I really wanted to make a collection that spoke to the girl like me, that may not historically be a sneaker chick, but loves style and has fun with fashion,” said Solange to

In 1992 The Puma Disc was unveiled as the first lace less running sneaker and it shook up the scene. But until now, it was just a men’s sneaker. The sneaker features the Disc Women’s Burlap Rainbow with the toe and midsole made out of sturdy burlap material. The Puma emblem is in all-white leather with the rainbow colors bleeding around the entire sneaker.

Solange created a collection that shows you can be stylish and also have fun with fashion. Back in November, Solange was named Art Director and Creative Consultant for the Puma brand. Her plan was to give Puma a fresh, new but different look. Solange immediately had her ideas set. She knew what audience she would target for her collection. The sneaker screams to a female with style like no other and to someone who has great love for the neon colors.

For the collection Solenge and her team of designers traveled to Brazil for inspiration.

“Brazil is one of the most expressive places in the world when it comes to color, prints, and textiles. The energy, the music, the vibrancy of the country are all things we wanted to speak to with the collection, and I think myself and the designers all connect with that in our daily lives.” As Solange tells Instyle.

The Puma x Solange Disc Collection were sold exclusively at Opening Ceremony retail stores in New York and Los Angeles for $150. They are pretty much sold out at their webstore. If you are interested in buying the sneaker you can try your luck on eBay.

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