Sole Survivor

1000s of participants gathered in the Brooklyn Hangar today for what will go down in history as the first event of it’s kind (with many more to come)! SNKRBST alongside with SMACK URL (Ultimate Rap League) collaborated with many other sponsors to bring sneaker culture and hiphop culture together as many lucky attendees witnessed an all out fusion of creativity, fashion, music, talent, and high powered top-tier emcee battles from the world’s most renowned battlers. The event was sold out and jam packed with swag of all sorts.

Smack along with Jay Corbin of SNKRBST helped host the event and kept the massive crowd on their feets with astonishment the whole event. Onlookers went from table to table and were privy to buy, trade, or sell some of the rarest sneakers on the planet. Winners of the Sneaker battle were given prizes from Metro PCS and hundreds of freebies were given away to the crowd as they milled from one sneaker exhibit to another looking to find their diamond in the ruff. Mothers and fathers looked like kids in a candy shop as they helped their children pick out and try on Jordans and custom foams of all sorts. Whilst many were scrambling and making transactions on the sales floor like the New York Stock Exchange, others were busy sipping free VSOP at the Remy Martin booth and still others were getting autographs and pictures from their favorite battle emcees on the side of the Main Stage. K-Shine, T-Rex, Jaz The Rapper, Mickey Facts, Sco, Cortez, Goods, DNA, Yung Ill, Syah Boy, JC, B-Magic, Charlie Clips, and Jon Jon the Don were among the many who came to support their fellow emcees as they battled it out. Keep in mind that many of these artists flew in from around the country to be at this event.

The fans of the culture were openly excited and the crowd was electric. If you missed out, you definitely missed the magic the was in the air today, however there are many more even more events set to take place in the future. Be sure to get your tickets so you can participate. Special shout out to the SNKRBST Team (Pito, Angie, Ari, Jay, Willie, Unicorn, Paul, etc.) for seamlessly working this event from beginning to end. The Sole Survivors are here!

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