Solecon is a footwear and apparel convention where independent vendors, aspiring artists, and musicians can showcase their brand. The convention highlights the independent market of music, fashion, and of course, sneakers. The event opens its doors to networking, shopping, trading, and promotion amongst thousands of collectors and investors

With regards to showcasing talent, Solecon prides itself in staying ahead of the curve. What Solecon does is seek unseen talent and magnifies it by 1000. Back in December of 2013, sneaker convention “Holy Grail” hosted a Solechaser’s event with the likes of Soleyghost and Def Jam artist Trinidad James at John Jay College. The event featured a number of underground artists of which garnered tons of success, and is still referenced within the sneaker community to this very day.

Now with the relaunch of the Etonic Brand, an increase in visibility and sales is being sought after. We’ve now created a promotional contest to attract potential customers to our Etonic site. Using my extensive list of networks, I’ve orchestrated an Etonic Brand customization challenge featuring the best of the best from all over the United States. The Etonic Challenge custom design competition is set to take place on December 21st at Stage 48 for the upcoming NYC Solecon Sneaker Convention “Holy Grail 2.” Submissions from an initial round of 10 contestants will be featured and kept anonymous so judging can be based on talent and not popularity.

Selected contestants will be chosen by our host CeeLee. The selected winner must be following the Etonic Brand via all their social media accounts. Winner is obligated to post/tag the Etonic Brand regarding all promotional ads we provide on their social media accounts. Artist created flyers and promotional ads raising awareness of the event must also be tagged with the Etonic Brand. And, as an added bonus, winner will have the opportunity to intern at Etonic as a sneaker designer.

To participate as of now, click the link below and purchase vendor tables and tickets:

By Hector “Pito” Albizu

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