Unofish Basketball

Have you ever wanted to play basketball with the best quality leather? The American brand Unofish handcrafts premium-quality basketballs and gym bags from materials such as naturally embossed ostrich leather and classic black polyurethane rims, to alligator skin and pony suede. These durable basketballs retail for $250 dollars. This company also offers a community-based program for… continue reading →

Reebok Kamikaze Nocturnal

Rebook confirmed the new ‘Nocturnal’ Reebok Kamikaze II would release on November 26th. These pair is based in black with side panels featuring iridescent purple snake print that includes a neon accents to finish the serpentine look. The latest “Nocturnal” version of Shawn Kemp’s second signature shoe features a style that is new and has an aggressive blend… continue reading →

Meet Jason Markk

We all love keeping our kicks clean. One of the best shoe cleaners in the sneaker culture is Jason Markk, here is the video not about the cleaner but about the man behind the cleaner Jason Markk himself. Check it out!