For this post we revisit an interview I did back in September ’14 at the Snkrbst office where I presently work as editor. I interviewed budding star Johnny Rivera, whose previous work includes East WillyB, Man with the Van, with guest spots on Nickelodeon and Law & Order: SVU. He’s an accomplished actor, writer, dad, entrepreneur and teacher within his native community of Brooklyn, New York. His initial dream was to become a professional baseball player, but little did he know that acting would be his true calling. Join me as we inquire more about actor Johnny Rivera’s path and see how he was able to transition adversity into a “field of dreams.”



Synopsis: New Yorkers Alex and Jose are ambitious yet lazy brothers who, after being forced to work in their dad’s bodega, conspire to take the store’s success into their own hands. From upselling customers to creating a concert series in the bodega’s basement, these guys stop at nothing to bring home the bacon with ridiculous get-rich-quick schemes. As their “guerrilla marketing” strategies start to fumble, though, their dad’s temper rises. Papi’s old-world Dominican traditions collide with the sons’ entrepreneurial spirit, and hilarity is the usual result.


Q1: Can you give us some background on Univision’s affiliate “The Flama” and its programming?

A: “The Flama” is an affiliate of Univision featuring Latino content – currently streaming on YouTube. They’re really onto something extraordinary with the younger generation of Latinos. The demographic they’ve acquired (based on feedback I’ve seen on their IG) is all over the map – spanning from the east to west. I think “The Flama” are true innovators in the sense that they’ve focused on aNUMBER of cultures, dialects, quirks, traditions and even technology that truly makes us Latinos diverse. D-Stroy (former cast mate from “East WillyB”) is on there and offers his unique style and voice to his audience. Becky G is a pop artist and comes from the west coast offering a fresh perspective to the channel. “Abuelita’s Review” and even our show “The Bodega“ is showing the world that our Latino essence can’t be placed under one category. We are multifaceted and “The Flama” knows that. And they were smart to showcase the channel online – making it readilyAVAILABLE in this tech savvy world.

Q2: My introduction to your work was the popular webseries “East WillyB.” Since it’s inception, your career has flourished onto other projects like “Man with the Van” and a role on the hit primetime series “Law &ORDER SVU.” Currently, you are one of the leads in the webseries “The Bodega” – can you shed some light as to how these shows have helped your career and the roles you’ve selected? Is there a preference between outlets (Webseries vs. Primetime TV)?

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By Editor Roz Baron

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