The New Ventilator By Reebok

The 1990’s was a special time for Reebok Classics – they had just launched their brand and were making a name for themselves. Popular artists like DMX would propel its success by endorsing their “it” sneaker of its time, “The Pump.” Endorsements such as these would take Reebok  from your ordinary sneaker company to the extraordinary. Their other bestseller similar to The Pump was “The Ventilator,” – a runner shoe known for its practicality and style. Wanting to recapture that era in fashion, coupled with the company’s anniversary, Reebok is set to re-release “The Ventilator” with a fresh new look. Above, take a peek at the much anticipated shoe and let us know here at your thoughts on this revamped model.

By Josephine ” Joeyy ” Mathieu
Twitter: __Joeyy
Instagram: @JoeyyJosephine ” Joeyy ” Mathieu

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