The Sneaker Fan’s Guide to College

Summer is certainly a fun time of year, but there is nothing like all of the crazy times that come with your four years of college. Of course, going away to college also calls for some dramatic change in the typical 18-year-old’s everyday life. And if you’re really into sneakers, you might be in for a culture shock. Whether you’re going up for your first time or your seventh (because, after all, who wouldn’t want to live the college life for as long as they could?), you could probably use some guidelines on college and sneakers.


The first, and very tough decision any one of us are faced with before going to school is about what sneakers to bring along for the ride. At home, young collectors have the luxury of storing as many sneakers as they could possibly want or need. However, there’s only so much room in a dorm. You’re definitely not fitting twenty-something large clear boxes in your closet. Plus, you have to get your sneakers to campus somehow. If that’s by car, then good luck bringing any sizable number of pairs along with all of the other clothes and other items you so choose to take. If the sneakers are being shipped, then you better keep in mind those expensive shipping costs for trips both to and from school. Is it really worth having to skip out on a couple sneakers just to take those Air Yeezys and rare runners that you may not even want to wear for the entire time you’re at school?


On that note, there are definitely a few things to keep in mind when you actually get to picking those few sneakers, like where you’ll actually be wearing them. Parties are an essential part of the college experience, and you would be remiss in thinking that your shoes can come out of a bunch of these functions looking spotless. A few nights of the same messy floors, spilt drinks, and escapades you only hear about in the morning, and your spiffy Jordans will look just as beat up as the next guy’s kicks. And there aren’t just regular parties, but themed parties too. You know you don’t have a chance at getting the footwear for each and every outfit down to perfection, so you might as well bring one simple, comfortable pair of sneakers that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. And the rest of the sneakers? Feel free to mix it up a bit with different styles and colors, but bring pairs for which you can easily find matching clothes. Remember, you only have however much time between waking up and class to get your outfit together. Weekends, you say? Yeah…try telling your hungover self that you want to spend any time fidgeting through your drawers for the exact top and bottom you need to wear with that one pair of sneakers.


Now, fast-forward to life on campus. Being a fan of sneakers in these days of nonstop news and social media updates takes a lot of time and attention. The constant refreshing on Twitter, checking of various news sites, chatter on message boards, and of course the five-minute daily  Instagram routine to get the perfect on-foot picture all take up time of yours that, at college, could be spent on a plethora of activities. There will be schoolwork, which is always a priority, but even after that, there are so many extracurricular activities in which you will want to take part. Colleges almost always have club sports teams, cultural organizations, newspapers, radio stations, political associations, community service opportunities, and tons more for their students to explore. Throw in all of the time spent partying, hanging out with friends and going to sports games, and there’s not much free time left.


With that said, keep one thing in mind: no matter where you are or what you are doing, there will always be more sneaker-related tidbits to check up on. Blogs are updated multiple times in one day, and online conversation moves on from one sneaker to the next in no time. A sneaker fan could easily check in on their various websites a couple times per day and be just as caught up on news as the fan glued to the same sites nonstop. Save keeping yourself updated for breaks from assignments and studying and those seemingly uneventful, unproductive Saturday afternoons where there’s not much else to do anyways. Bonus points if you can muster up the energy after long Friday nights to wake up in time for Saturday morning online releases. If you can’t, then don’t worry…that’s just being a normal college student.


For the 18-year-old sneaker fan, college brings some interesting changes. Moving into a dorm room calls for choosing a solid rotation out of all of your prized sneakers instead of having all of them at your disposal. The different scenes of college may cause you to stick to one pair for a majority of the time. And if you spend all of your time on the web updating yourself with even the most mundane sneaker news, you could find yourself slipping in your studies or not partaking in more enjoyable activities. After all, the four years of college are meant for exploration and exposing yourself to new experiences, and not just sitting in your room being consumed by what’s going on elsewhere. Remember that, and you’ll most definitely be on your way.


Words: Jake Pulver 

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