THE WORSE : Top 5 Fakes Found Online …….. Beware

We live in a day and age that information is at the tips of your fingers and research is a few key strokes away. The variant market is huge and bootleggers are getting good and remembering details to where ever the most experienced sneaker fan would have a hard time telling the difference. With this being said I can’t understand why would anyone want to go out and actually spend money on sneaker that was NEVER made and wear them with the swagger as if you are killing the game. Today we look at the worst fakes we can find on the internet.



I Guess the Man of Steel loves him some XI’s 


air jordan 3+max men black white-259


Because Cement III’s needed 360 air to make it official 




Yeezy walks the Red Carpet ……… 


lebron 7+air jordan 13 men black red white-612


There a Lebron 7 & a Jordan 6 Rings that meet at a bar …… you know the rest 




Rap is the new Rock and Roll and Yeezy is it’s biggest star, bedrock that is ! 

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Lenny ThePanda

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