TITIN Tech is revolutionizing the sports apparel industry with their flagship product the TITIN Force. TITIN is the world’s only weighted compression gear. What makes this item such a hot commodity is known as their “Hyper-gravity System.” This three part HG system is packed tightly onto their exercise top – the inner-shirt sports 14 strategically placed pockets and hydro-gel inserts for the entire upper body. They are held snugly to the torso/upper arms with a moisture-wicking compression shirt. This gear also sports an extra eight pounds of added resistance designed specifically to build muscle, speed, strength and endurance.
TITIN Tech has also launched the TITIN Force Shorts System that uses the same three part HG technology aforementioned above. The shorts focus on the hamstrings, gluteus and thighs by adding an extra five pounds of weight to target these particular muscles. The short’s added padding provides proper weight distribution to the entire body as opposed to placing most of the weight on the shoulders.

“The placement of our weights ensures that the joints and the muscles are working together,” said Founder, Patrick Whaley. “Because the joints are load-free, muscle fiber is built faster, which means that you see an immediate effect on your body when you remove the weighted system.” 

The TITIN Force also offers a recovery system with these hydrogel weight inserts. The gel inserts can be heated for heat therapy on the upper body and can also be frozen to ease muscle pain. Inserts also functions as a mobile ice bath. Future projects set to release sometime in the Spring: TITINFit designed specifically for female athletes, TITIN Tykes to help children exercise without stunting their growth or damaging their spin. And finally, TITIN Rx meant to help with rehabilitation. Planning a merge with TITIN Tech is the WBC Group and a number of major U.S. medical distribution companies. Below, let us know your thoughts on this technologically advanced gear, and if it sounds like an investment with the money. Please feel free to sound off. Also, stay tuned to Snkrbst.com for all the latest and greatest. #ThinkLikeUs 

By Roz Baron
Copy Editor for Snkrbst.com
Twitter: RozB33

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