Undefeated’s 2014 Holiday Collection

Undefeated’s 2014 Holiday inspired collection is set to showcase vintage sportswear featuring a series of graphic tees, classic cut fleece, and jersey-like silhouettes. Hues from this collection are gorgeous cool grey tones, red and black. Standout pieces are tracksuits, (in both red and black for versatility) accompanied by this season’s hottest trend: numerical print. Also, as a nod to the classics, typography selected features NIKE’s vintage logo. Military outerwear is also featured in this collection in case tracksuits aren’t really your thing. Undefeated’s Holiday Collection is now available for purchase via their homesite Undefeated.com. Above, check out the pics from this collection, and below let us know here at Snkrbst.com if you’ll be adding any of these key pieces to your Xmas list.

By Josephine “Joeyy” Mathieu
Twitter: @__Joeyy
Instagram: @Joeyy_

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