Wait a minute … is everything retro a good thing?

For all you 90’s babies, retro anything can pretty much be passed off as a dope rerelease. Not at any fault of your own, but you just weren’t there when the fashion originally hit the market so you weren’t privileged to have the first hand experience with it.  Welps, the company DaDa is following in the footsteps of Nike, Fila, and Reebok in bringing back their late 90’s glory.  Chris Webber and Latrell Sprewell sported the DaDa Supreme CDubbz at one point way back in the day, but, as a young OG in the fashion game, I was fortunate enough to remember DaDa’s glory days.  I’ll be the first to spill the beans, DaDa Supreme was hot for 2 seconds before it immediately fell off and was labeled as off-brand and corny.  DaDa was on the equivalency of Paco Jeans in the early 2000’s.  However, as is true with most fashion brands, there were small pockets of the world who didn’t get the memo and DaDa may have lasted a little bit longer in those markets.  The question we at SNKRBST have for the sneaker community is, how do you think these chromed out retros will do on their second time around?  Let us know!  These will be dropping soon, so keep your eyes open.  Drake rocked DaDa in his video, maybe he’ll have some influence.

Written By: Kherk

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