Will Teyana Taylor collaborate with The Jordan Brand

Teyana Taylor was spotted being overly excited on Instagram when she got a chance to meet Michael Jordan for that first time at the Jordan Brand Classic held at the Barclay Center this weekend. It’s not every day you get a chance to meet your hero. Luckily for Teyana Taylor she got a chance to meet the greatest man of all time and performed the National Anthem at the event.

Since Adidas kicked Teyana to the curb, this was her chance to ask Jordan for her very own color way of a Jordan sneaker. Teyana Taylor went all out and cornered Michael Jordan as she asked for her very own pair of red Air Jordan 3s. She says to Michael, in a video she Instagrammed, “I need my own color way.” Michael confirms, “We can get you an all red 3” as he calls on Reggie. Reggie Saunders is Jordan’s Director of Entertainment Marketing, meaning this is someone Teyana needs to become very close with if she’s thinking about stepping her game up and creating a Jordan sneaker. I will not be surprised if Teyana is spotted wearing her very own pair of 3s. When it comes to the sneaker game I believe she creates all the hype.

If you got a chance to meet Micheal Jordan for the first time what would you say to him? Comment below and tell us at @Snkrbst what sneakers you think Teyana Taylor should come up with a dope color way for and do you believe she has enough creditability in the industry to pull this off?

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