Post Donald Trump’s inauguration to an abysmal 300K patrons – in comparison to President Obama’s 1.8 million patrons back in 2009 – is now the astonishing reported number of more than 1 million people who rallied this past Saturday at our nation’s capital for the #WomensMarches. Women and men came out in droves to let it be known to our newly appointed “President” that we ladies will NOT passively accept the current status quo. We will not passively accept being stripped of our right to choose; and, the right to basic healthcare. Stretches as far and wide as New York City to London, women were present and expressive in letting our #Pu**YPower be known to the powers that be. And although many championed the alarming amount of attendees this past weekend, others who’ve been down this very stormy road (i.e. Roe v. Wade ) have confirmed that this is just the beginning.

We here at Snkrbst stand alongside our courageous sisters – and are hopeful that if we band together, we shall overcome. Keep it locked here on Snkrbst.com for all the latest and greatest. And don’t forget to #ThinkLikeUs.

– Team Snkrbst

Highlights from Bernie Sanders speech at this Saturday’s #WomensMarch Rally:


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